Chris rea on the beach

    Christopher Rea was born in Middlesbrough in the North Riding of Yorkshire in a Roman Catholic family [12] to an Italian father, Camillo Rea (died December 2010), [13] and an Irish mother, Winifred Slee (died September 1983), [14] as one of seven children. [15] The name Rea was well known locally thanks to Camillo's ice cream factory and café chain. [4] [13] [16] During his childhood Rea went almost every summer for a few months to Italy, and at the age of 12 started to work as a table clearer in the coffee bar, and soon in making the ice-cream in the factory. Initially he was interested to learn about and elevate the business, but as his ideas did not find understanding by his father, eventually one day left it and was replaced by one of his brothers. [17]

    Chris Rea On The BeachChris Rea On The BeachChris Rea On The BeachChris Rea On The Beach